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Brown Paper Line Calendar

I like being able to write stuff on my calendars, and for some reason I am never able to fit everything I want to write in the squares of a regular shaped calendar (everything I want to mark on a calendar somehow magically ends up happening on the same day, and I run out of space on the little squares!)

This calendar gives me plenty of room to write for each day of the month, I get to make fun little month headers for each month, and I like the handmade look that this calendar has.


When I was trying to figure out the dimensions for this calendar, I did not want it to be too long, but I also wanted to not have to write super tiny. I figured notebook paper would be a good size for the lines, so I measured that to get my average measurements. I rounded up to get 1/2″ for each of my lines.

Mark the half inches on your paper. The brown paper I used was 17 inches wide, and I wanted to leave 1 inch margins at the top and bottom for decoration; so with 30 half-inch lines (15 inches total) I had just enough room to use the width of the paper. (The paper listed in the materials is 18 inches wide, so you should have no problem with spacing). You can also decide how wide you want your lines to be, but I rolled out my paper about 14 inches for the width. Mark your half inches on both sides of the paper, leaving one inch margins on the top and bottom.

Connect your half inch marks with lines. I also left one inch margins on the sides of the paper. I just thought it would look nicer that way. (Ignore how scrappy the back of my ruler is — it is well-loved.)

Go over your marks in pen or marker. These I did free hand, following my pencil markings, because I wanted the calendar to have a handmade look to it.

This might drive some of you crazy to not have perfectly straight lines, and that is A-OK. You can easily still use your ruler at this step to go over the lines and keep them perfectly straight.

At the bottom of the calendar you will notice a little slash through the last line. This is for the months with 31 days. The last line is split in half, and the calendar gets to stay the same size for all of the months.

Erase all of your pencil marks, and number your calendar. I used a calligraphy pen when I numbered my calendar, and the ink seeped a bit on this paper, so that’s why some of the numbers are a little fatter than the others.

Next, add a decorative header to the top of the calendar. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration, I searched for “Bullet Journal January” and found lots of decorative title pages that could be used here.

Repeat these steps to make 11 more calendar pages for each month of the year.

Attach your decorative binder clips to the calendar, two on the top and two on the bottom. The two on top will be where you can hang your calendar, and the two on the bottom will help weigh down the paper and keep it from curling or blowing around in the air conditioner.

If your calendar is still a little curly before you hang it, you can leave a heavy book, or anything flat, on it over night to help flatten it out a bit.

And then you are done! Hang it and get-to-scheduling!